A Review on Women Bodysuits: A Complete Guide for 2020

Bodysuits have been the most essential wardrobe collection for every woman these days. Which is also said as one of the best fashion trends of the decade, the bodysuit is a fashion item that is here to stay. It is convenience and style rolled in one if you dare to do it. Fashionistas across the globe jumped on the bandwagon to try bodysuits and have successfully incorporated it in their daily wardrobe.

As the common woman is slowly adapting to bodysuits as a norm, let’s learn more about it.

So what is a bodysuit? – It is a one-piece fitting garment that looks like a one-piece swimsuit. The upper part that shows can look like a tucked-in a t-shirt (without the wrinkles). It also comes in a plethora of styles that can match with any type of bottoms you choose, be it palazzos, skirts, hot pants or denim.

The fabric is usually elasticated and stretchy, made of lycra cotton blend. Do read the fabric information to make sure you are paying for a good fabric as it may vary with manufacturers. Further, try it to make sure the fabric isn’t stretched thin as a typical bodysuit is designed to be figure-hugging.

This is where shopping for the right bodysuit becomes a challenge. While you can order online, you must be aware of your body type as they often come in XS, S, M, L sizes and certain bodysuits or brands design only for a certain body type. Hence, be prepared to try on several brands and find the one that fits the curves of your body or longer torso.

The next hurdle is definitely the washroom hassle. You may find yourself in a tricky spot to undress in a public restroom as with the one-piece jumpsuit. A simple solution – buy a bodysuit with a tuck button instead!


**An interesting piece of clothing that you should totally have in your wardrobe!**

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