True Review On Maternity bra by A Pregnant Women

Shopping for a bra online during pregnancy is a little gambling, as it’s a product that needs to fit perfectly and should be comfortable to wear. This is an even greater risk when you are pregnant because at that time breasts are getting heavier due to the body starting to get fatty. If you are going to take the chance to order something, you will want to make sure that it is stamped with approval by tons of other pregnant women with glowing reviews. 

I had the temptation to squeeze into my routine bra for as long as possible, but I immediately understood that I felt really uncomfortable in my pre-pregnancy T-shirt Bra, lacy bra or sheer bra, and these bras could not support my heavy breasts. Now it was time to upgrade the bras. During pregnancy, our breast size becomes large and delicate, which is why you need a comfortable maternity bra. I suggest you wear different types of Nursing bras during pregnancy

As during pregnancy the breast size is ever-growing and fluctuating, here are some bra options to choose from :

1)  The Nursing Bra

2) Switch to Maternity Bra. 

3) Go for  Pumping Nursing Bra.


1) The Nursing Bra: At the time of my pregnancy I really loved Nursing Bras. They fit me perfectly, I never felt like I needed to adjust. If I have to change anything on a nursing bra to make it perfect, it will be the lace on the cup (it may just be on what I have) because sometimes, depending on the shirt, it shows a bit. 


2) Maternity Bra: 

With the ever-increasing breast size, they become heavier by the time of delivery. This puts a lot of stress on the body, especially the shoulders and back. Normal bras have laces or thin straps plus the cup size of these bras is too small to hold the breasts of an increased size which in turn increases pressure on the shoulders and the skin starts to get permanent marks due to heavy loads. Maternity Bras have wider straps, bigger and better-supporting cups so they support the breasts properly. 


3) Pumping Nursing Bra

This bra is my favorite bra when I delivered my son. Cosabella introduced the latest addition to the maternity line, Savona Longline Nursing and Pumping Brault. This full-coverage bra features hidden flag openings for single or double pumps with easy access (halo, hands-free). Lactating mothers use breast pumps for several reasons. Some exclusively pump and serve their children’s breast milk, while others pump while working and breastfeed when they are with their children.

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